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Columbus is an intricate city with a variety of ways to get around. By taking the time to understand the different modes of transportation, you might just find that it is not as complicated as you might have thought. With freeways connecting the various parts of the city you can transport yourself around fairly easily. Let’s talk about different ways to get around Columbus from the COTA bus system to bicycle sharing.

COTA is the Central Ohio Transit Authority whose mission is to “deliver quality transportation services and conduct business courteously, safely, ethically and reliably.” COTA began operations in 1974 and has since served millions of Columbus residents and visitors.

To know how COTA can best serve you, first you’ll want to know about the many routes that they cover. Click here to learn about where you can go with COTA.

Now you know the “where,” next you need to know then “when.” Get your schedule here.

Next you’ll want to know the cost. Visit the following link for bus fares.

Car Services
While the bus system is convenient and extensive, sometimes you want your privacy. There are a variety of ways to get around in a car despite owning one or not.

Taxi Cab
You can whistle and wave on the side of the street, or you can call ahead to get a taxi. Either way, here are some notable companies and their phone numbers in the Columbus area.

Acme Taxi - (614) 777-7777
Yellow Cab Co - (614) 444-4444
Bobcat Taxi - (614) 481-0388
Shamrock Taxi - (614) 272-1111
Central Ohio German Village Taxi - (614) 224-8888


Uber is increasing in popularity and has expanded its services to the Columbus area. Uber is a service where you request a car and it locates you via GPS in your phone. Fares are based on availability and are always stated via the mobile app or website. Visit here to sign up and request your first UBER.

Car Sharing
Car-sharing service is a fee-based membership service, subject to a membership agreement, that provides all qualified drivers in the community access to a fleet of vehicles and is available to subscribers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year at unattended self-service locations. No spate written agreement is required each time a member reserves and uses a vehicle. Car usage is provided subject to membership agreement at minutes, hourly, and/or per mile rates that include fuel, insurance, and maintenance. The City of Columbus currently has one permitted car share operator in the Public Right of Way. The operator, Zipcar, has dedicated car share spaces throughout Columbus - learn more


Midwest summers are perfect for outdoor enjoyment, but sometimes the day is busy and it is hard to find time to be outside. What if you got from one place to the next while enjoying the outdoors? Columbus is full of bike trails and bike friendly streets and bikes for rent.

Bike Trails
If you are interested in a leisurely ride, then you might find bike trails to be the perfect point “A” and point “B” for getting around. Visit the following link for an extensive list of bike trails in the area; this site includes bike trail reviews, weather conditions, and more useful tips for the Columbus biker.

COGO Bike Share
Just like you can rent a car, you can also rent a bike. CoGo Bike Share has stations throughout the area where anyone can rent a bike to get around. You can rent a bike for 24-hours (30-minute increment trips). Visit the CoGo website for a list of stations and other useful details.

Learn more about bicycle laws and more at the following link.


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