Important Columbus Information

You’re moving and making Columbus your city, so it is important to know how to contact those who are governing; we’ve provided important contact information below including links to each department’s respective website.

City of Columbus Contact Information

Columbus City Hall
90 W. Broad St. 43215
Phone: (614) 645-2489

Mayor's Office: (614)645-7671
Visit the Mayor's website here

City Attorney: (614)645-7385
Visit the City Attorney's website here

Prosecutors Office: (614)645-7483
Visit the Prosecutors Office website here

City Auditor: (614)645-7615
Visit the City Auditor's website here

City Council: (614)645-7380
Visit the City Council website here

Clerk of Courts (civil): (614)645-7220
Visit the Clerk of Courts (civil) website here

Clerk of Courts (criminal): (614)645-8186
Visit the Clerk of Courts (criminal) website here

Director of Trade and Development: (614)645-8591
Visit the Director of Trade and Development website here

Building and Development Services: (614)645-7433
Visit the Building and Development Services website here

Columbus Chamber of Commerce
37 N. High St., 43215
Phone: (614)221-1321

Columbus Utilities

When moving into your apartment, some of the first things that you’ll want to set up are your utilities. The designated electric and gas companies are listed below.

American Electric Power of Ohio

Columbia Gas of Ohio


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