History for Tomorrow , an Interview with Juanita Furuta

       "The city is really on fire. There is no limit; it’s going to blow your mind where this city is going to go; its forever......"


 A Super Leasing Agent, an Interview with Rebecca Gentile

       "Look at all of the local things that have taken off here. I credit it to Midwest sensibility. The thought process of you can pull yourself up by your bootstrap. I think that Columbus is a very affordable city to create whatever you want....."


 Back to La Basi, an Interview with Trish & Johnny

       "The people are vibrant. This was a neighborhood that was left behind…these houses became derelict. The neighbors are pioneers. They came in and invested their time and resources."


 A Man, A Mission, an Interview with Austin Hill

       “…We want to figure out how to put systems in place to make sure that everyone who wants to be in the neighborhood can stay while still improving the lives of everyone…”


Wheels and Motor to Brick and Mortar,
an Interview with Daniel McCarthy

     “…there are a lot of opportunities here to become part of what I know to be “South Side Pride.” Whatever the challenge, the community rallies around to come together…”


A Columbus Explorer, an Interview with Tracy Studer

    " …you’re only as strong as the community around you, the neighborhood around you, and the local businesses around you. You work together to promote the area…”


Bringing it Home, an Interview with Michael Tomko

“…Spend some time here. Really spend a few hours on a few different days, a few different nights in a neighborhood like Clintonville or Grandview and I think they’ll absolutely sell themselves…”       


Comfort in Columbus, an Interview with Dan Varga

“We all take pride in everything. We look out for everything. My neighbors know me, and I know everybody. When I go outside it's "hey Bob, hey Tony"............”       






























































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