Brewery District

The Brewery District is located just south of the central business district of Columbus, and is bordered by Interstate 70 on the north, South Pearl Street on the east, Greenlawn Avenue on the south, and the Scioto River on the west.


Connected to German Village, the Brewery District is a “brand new look at old world charm,” according to the locals. Home of many trendy brewpubs and micro-breweries, the district has become a hot spot for young residents and visitors. The radio station CD102.5 is headquartered in the Brewery District as well. The Germania Club purchased a historical home of a German settler and uses the space for club gatherings and meetings. This neighborhood is a mix of history and modern, bringing nostalgia and trendy together as one.

Many of the older buildings have been remodeled as apartment homes, making for unique living options full of character. Search available properties in the Brewery District.

With 200 years of history, the Brewery District has an interesting story. The first brewery was opened in 1835 by German immigrant Louis Hoster. Eventually there were five very successful breweries in the area. The district decline began in 1920 when the 18th amendment banned alcohol production and sales in the United States. The area became inhabited by industrial space and warehouses, changing the nature of the neighborhood all together.

With a rich history and redevelopment in full effect many fine dining restaurants, wineries, retailers, and others have moved in bringing new life the brewery district, all the while maintaining the charm that it’s always had. Learn more about the brewery district here.

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