Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights is bordered by West 3rd Street to the north, Interstate-315 to the east, Goodale Boulevard to the south, and Cambridge Boulevard to the west.

Grandview Heights was originally part of Marble Cliff, one of the first suburbs of Columbus, which settled as a community in 1890. Grandview Heights became a separate village in 1906 and a city in 1931. Together with the village of Marble Cliff and the city of Upper Arlington, the area constitutes the Tri-Village Community.

Today Grandview Heights is a beautiful neighborhood near Downtown, the Short North, and Victorian Village. Exciting annual events such as the Grandview Hop and Lazy Daze keep the excitement enlivened year round in Grandview. Residents and visitors frequent the Grandview Yard which is filled with dining, fitness, and other exciting places to visit.

Grandview Heights was part of Columbus’s first suburban neighborhood, therefore, there are many different housing options; whether you are looking for a house or an apartment to rent, you’ve got options. Visit Metro-Rentals to explore.

Today, Grandview is a thriving neighborhood all its own, but where did it get its start? In 1890 Marble Cliff, the first suburb in Columbus was established. What we know of today as Grandview, was part of that establishment. In 1906 Grandview Heights became its own separate village, and then its own city in 1931.

Grandview continues to grow, despite it being remarked upon as a “small insulated city.” With more development, more events, and more advancement Grandview is an impressive part of the Columbus blueprint. Visit Destination Grandview to learn more about what is going on in the neighborhood.


Bringing it Home, an Interview with Michael Tomko

“…Spend some time here. Really spend a few hours on a few different days, a few different nights in a neighborhood like Clintonville or Grandview and I think they’ll absolutely sell themselves…”       



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