Harrison West

Located northwest of Downtown Columbus, Harrison West is a historic neighborhood bordered by Harrison Avenue on the east, Goodale Street on the south, 5th Avenue on the north, and Olentangy River Road to the west.

Within walking distance of the Short North and Victorian Village, Harrison West is full of community pride and a continued effort to improve the neighborhood. Harrison West is home to recreation centers and parks including Goodale Park and Harrison Park

Host to several restaurants including Katalina’s Café Corner and Zeno’s, Harrison West is an exciting place to live and dine. Entertainment is not far away either; within walking distance are the Arena District, the Lennox Town Center, the North Market, and more.

A majority of Harrison West is comprised of Victorian style residential properties; therefore there are many architecturally attractive homes available for one who is looking to rent in the area. Visit Metro-Rentals to explore.

We know that today Harrison West is rich in history and a thriving urban area; now let’s learn what makes it so. From the early 1800’s to the early 1900’s Harrison West was a farm town that was first plowed by veterans of the Revolutionary war. Workers from nearby factories helped to build the areas brick streets and houses making it a turn of the century community. Throughout the late 20th century the area experienced great decline due to the rise of suburbia, causing it to become an urban “slum.” Redevelopment in Victorian Village and the demolition of industrial sites along the Olentangy River have aided in the rebuild of the area over the past couple decades and has helped Harrison West to stand as the community it is today.

Harrison West’s future is inspired by its tumultuous past. Residents of the area around 1970 organized as the Harrison West Society “to preserve and improve the neighborhood and to broaden the appreciation of ethnic and social heritage.” With a new foundation in culture, the future continues to look bright for Harrison West. Learn more about the Harrison West Society at the following link.

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