Hilltop is one of the largest, most diverse neighborhoods in Columbus; surrounded by Interstate-70 to the north, Interstate-270 to the south, Route 3 to the east and Interstate-270 to the west.

Covering about 9,917 acres, Hilltop is located just west of Franklinton and hosts industrial sites, parks, and a branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Public Library. The Ohio Department of Transportation and Ohio Department of Public Safety opened their offices in Hilltop and remain there today.

Over 50% of land usage in Hilltop is residential so there are plenty of residences to choose from. The primary housing style is single-family; however there are some multi-family homes as well. Visit Metro-Rentals to explore.

Named Hilltop after being known as Sullivant’s Hill, the neighborhood was established around 1795 by Lucas Sullivant (remember him from Franklinton?). The land remained in the Sullivant family for over 100 years. During this time Camp Chase, a Civil War training camp, was based in Hilltop—today it’s a cemetery and memorial for Confederate soldiers.

During the 20th century, Hilltop was home to the Columbus State Hospital for the Insane (now the site for the Department of Transportation and Department of Public Safety). At this time, the neighborhood began transitioning from farmlands to an urban community. The Mayor of Columbus during this time resided in Hilltop which then reigned with a sense of community pride and was reaching its political peak. Much like other urban neighborhoods, Hilltop began declining and poverty began dominating the area.

Today many organizations are working to improve the neighborhood and bring it back to being one of Columbus’s notable neighborhoods. Visit here to learn more about who is working on rebuilding this Columbus neighborhood.

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