Hungarian Village

Hungarian Village is located just sorth of Merion Village is bordered by east Morrill Avenue to the north, Parsons Avenue to the east, east Woodrow Avenue to the south, and South High Street to the west.

Hungarian Village is located just about two miles from downtown Columbus; today the neighborhood is home to the Hungarian Reformed Church which hosts the neighborhood association meetings and other community events. The Explorer’s Club is a neighborhood favorite and features an enticing, versatile menu.

Housing options range from historical homes and duplexes—many of the newer homes are single-family, two story homes. Visit Metro-Rentals to explore.

Established by Nathanial Merion in 1809, Hungarian Village maintains its original boundaries. In its history, Congress compensated Refugee Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War with land as part of the Refugee Tract. The area was originally populated by Early British and Nova Scotian settlers, and soon after German, Italian and Irish immigrants settled in the neighborhood. In the 1900’s the Hungarian Reformed Church was established and later rebuilt in 1923. After the failed Hungarian Revolution of 1956 many Hungarian immigrants congregated to the area, and Reverend Zoltan Szabo proposed the area be defined by its Hungarian influence.

To stay connected to Hungarian Village visit the Hungarian Village Society Facebook Page at the following link.



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