Italian Village

Italian Village is a neighborhood in Columbus near the Short North; is surrounded by Interstate-670 to the south, Fifth Avenue to the north, High Street to the west, and the Conrail railroad tracks to the east.

Italian Village is a designated historic district, and it remains a thriving neighborhood still today. Home to iconic factories and industrial offices such as the Berry Brothers Bolt Works building and the Jeffrey Mining Administrative Office building, the neighborhood represents important parts of Columbus’s economic success. The Italian Village Park is the perfect place for someone to visit to for scenery and the outdoors.

Many restaurants, bars, and art galleries make up the entertainment options in the area. In the name of dining options there is the Cafe del Mondo or Bodega Café to name a couple. If you fancy drinks, stop by St. James Tavern, Seventh Son Brewing Co., or Little Rock Bar. For the art lover, stop by Palnik Studios, Cameo Gallery, or Sharon Weiss Gallery.

The residences in Italian Village are Italian and Queen Anne inspired--- decorative wood porches and ornamental brackets can be found on many of the homes. The neighborhood has experienced the most property appreciation value than anywhere else in Columbus. Be it a single-family home or a luxury apartment, Italian Village has many options for renting. View available rentals at Metro-Rentals.

Named due to its high concentration of Italian Immigrants, the neighborhoods quality is credited to the craftsmen who resided in its founding days. Like many urban neighborhoods, decline was experienced during World War II; however the sense of community that Italian Village was built upon remained. During the 1970’s that sense of community helped the Italian Village Society to form; the society combated demolition of historic sites and buildings; shortly after the Italian Village Commission was formed. Italian Village remained the community it always was, and still does today.

With the Italian Village Society still working hard today, the neighborhood is thriving and growing steadily. Visit the following link to learn more about Italian Village.


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