King Lincoln District

Columbus’s home of jazz, the King Lincoln District, is bordered by Broad Street to the south, 20th Street to the east, Atcheson Street to the north, and Interstate-71 to the west.

With roots deep in the jazz community King Lincoln is a place full of vibrancy, culture, and rich history. Today the community is home to the Kings Arts Complex, the revived Lincoln Theater, and a wide variety of businesses, restaurants and more. What would jazz music be without creole cuisine? In the King Lincoln District you don’t have to find out; home to the Creole Kitchen and other restaurants the neighborhood has plenty to offer in ways of dining. With a library and several schools, King Lincoln is a great place for families as well.

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King Lincoln began establishing in the 1930’s as an African-American business and entertainment district. Segregation fueled the commercial and cultural development of the area, and established a community within the King Lincoln neighborhood, as its neighborhood base was only allowed to utilize each other’s services. The development of the Interstate-71 cut King Lincoln off from the Downtown area which was a catalyst to decline; other factors that typically effect urban neighborhoods played apart as well.

Today the King Lincoln District is full of diversity and growth—with great opportunity ahead, the neighborhood remains full of new potential to be reached with the same old jazz and community it has always thrived upon. Visit the following link to keep track of what is happening in the King Lincoln District.


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