Merion Village

Part of Columbus’s South Side, Merion Village is located south of Downtown; bordered north by Whittier Street, south by Route 104, east by Parson’s Avenue, and west by the Scioto River, Merion Village is often described as the South Side’s “gem.”

Today Merion Village maintains its vibrancy and unity to its roots. Many young professionals are flocking to the neighborhood because of its proximity to Downtown, making commuting to and from work a convenience. There are also families who continue to live in the area with ties to the neighborhood dating back to the early 1900’s.

Merion Village is host to several parks, shops, and restaurants and offers plenty to do in the way of free time. A unique landmark of the neighborhood is Regency Hospital (once known as the Columbus Community Hospital) that dates back to 1903. Affordable and charming, Merion Village remains a thriving urban neighborhood with much to be desired.

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Today Merion Village celebrates its origins which date back to the early 19th century every year with the Merion Village Festival. British and Nova Scotian settlers were rewarded acres of land for their contribution to the Revolutionary War by Congress. During the mid-19th century immigrants from Germany, Ireland, and Italy began settling in the area—and eventually Hungarian immigrants and people from Appalachia as well; the land became an industrial hub in Columbus. A substantial building boom occurred between the years of 1910-1930, and many local institutions such as churches, schools, a hospital and more represented the stability of the neighborhood. Due to the raising desire of suburban living, the area began declining much like other centrally located areas.

The Merion Village Association continues to work hard to preserve the neighborhoods history while continuing to push it forward as well. Visit the following link to see everything taking place to ensure Merion Village’s future.