Olde Towne East

Olde Towne East is bounded to the south by Interstate-70, to the west by Interstate-71, to the north by East Long Street, and to the east by Wilson Avenue.

“Olde Towne East celebrates a community of diverse people of various talents, ethnic histories and abilities…” is what this urban neighborhood is founded on according to the Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association. With a major string of businesses emerging in the area like bars and restaurants, the neighborhood is on the upswing. Home to local favorite spots like Food Fight and L’Appat Patisserie there are fun places to socialize and dine in the area. With several Co-Op stores within its borders, Olde Towne East is a shopping destination full of unique finds. Music and art pepper the area as local bands and artists add a vibrancy to the neighborhood that embody the community spirit that Olde Towne East so proudly stands upon.

Olde Towne East offers a variety of residential opportunities—many of the homes are over 100 years old which offer a charm that cannot be reproduced. Visit Metro-Rentals to explore.

During the 1800’s Olde Towne East experienced a population boom after the development of street cars, as folks were able to travel from the area to further urban areas for work. The neighborhood was unique because the upper class often lived fairly close to the lower class—this also contributed to the variety of architectural styles found within the borders of Olde Towne East. During the 1900’s, after World War I and World War II the rise of suburbia and the emergence of motor vehicles influenced many of the upper class citizens to leave their homes for new areas, which left them abandoned to deteriorate. During the 1970’s the Olde Towne East neighborhood association developed to lead the recovery of the neighborhood leading it to where it is today. Follow the progression of this neighborhood at the following link.


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