The Ohio State University

North of Downtown and the Short North is the Ohio State University campus area which is comprised of businesses, residences, and, of course, university buildings.

Today the South Campus Gateway is a motley collection of urban retail, entertainment, commercial locations. The Campus area is one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in central Ohio, and is headlined by Campus Partners. New commercial space is constantly being developed and leased in the area offering students and other residents a plethora of options for dining and entertainment. According to Campus Partners campus is “a distinct collection of one-of-a-kind local business side-by-side with familiar national stores in a pedestrian friendly environment of Columbus’ ‘Main Street.’”

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The Ohio State University was founded in 1870 as a land-grant university. The school was originally built within a farming community and aimed at enrolling students of different agricultural and mechanical backgrounds. In its early stages of development there was backlash from agricultural organizations and different political groups—United States President Rutherford B. Hayes, during his time as Governor, lobbied in favor of the university and eventually joined the board of trustees- he acted as president of the university until his death. The university, of course, has grown into a major university, and therefore its surrounding area is a thriving urban base for students and residents alike.

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