South Side

The South Side is bordered by Livingston Avenue to the north, Alum Creek to the east, Interstate-104 to the south, and Haul Road to the west.

Today the South Side is a collection of neighborhoods:

Several people are investing in the area, as well as advocating for its growth into a thriving urban neighborhood in Columbus. Influential businesses like the Nationwide Children’s Hospital have invested in the area and are changing its reputation for the better. Noticeable clean ups to properties and city infrastructure are taking place, as well as initiatives to reduce crime in the area. With new businesses like Tatoheads Public House and Strut the Salon, positive change is as apparent as ever in this Columbus area—brought to residents and visitors by some of Columbus’s finest entrepreneurs.

Many single family homes make up the rental portfolio in the area. Visit Metro-Rentals and explore.

Founded on the business of Steel and Glass; known as an industrial powerhouse, The South Side was full of vibrancy and diversity. People from Eastern Europe populated the area. Home to Buckeye Steel and Federal glass, the South Side was widely known for its industrial presence in Columbus. Early residents even recall the color of the sky from the different industrial furnaces. In the 1950’s and 1960’s more people began moving into the area, also bringing their own cultures. As people moved from mountain towns, there was a flux in bluegrass music in the area which was influential to the area as well. Folks often look back with fondness on the trolley cars that would run throughout the area. As economies and technology continued to progress, people began moving east as automobiles made it less necessary to live within close proximity to work. The freeway which runs through the South Side is also credited to its decline. As manufacturing moved over-seas many of the companies that made the area thrive left, leaving the area fighting to maintain what it was. With business and people leaving the area, neighborhoods became abandoned and broken.  To learn more about the history of the South Side enjoy an informative documentary using the following link.

Today people are working hard to bring the South Side back to what it was. Though much has changed, pride is still thriving in the area. Follow the Parsons Avenue Merchants Association for news on what’s to come in the South Side. Visit the following link to stay connected to all of the neighborhoods within the South side.



 A Man, A Mission, an Interview with Austin Hill

       “…We want to figure out how to put systems in place to make sure that everyone who wants to be in the neighborhood can stay while still improving the lives of everyone…”


Wheels and Motor to Brick and Mortar,
an Interview with Daniel McCarthy

     “…there are a lot of opportunities here to become part of what I know to be “South Side Pride.” Whatever the challenge, the community rallies around to come together…”


A Columbus Explorer, an Interview with Tracy Studer

    " …you’re only as strong as the community around you, the neighborhood around you, and the local businesses around you. You work together to promote the area…”


Comfort in Columbus, an Interview with Dan Varga

“We all take pride in everything. We look out for everything. My neighbors know me, and I know everybody. When I go outside it's "hey Bob, hey Tony"............”