Weinland Park

Very near to the University district, Weinland Park is defined by its borders of East 11th Street to the north, East 5th Street to the south, North High Street to the west, and the Big Four Railroad to the east.

Within walking distance to The Ohio State University Campus and just a mile north of Downtown, Weinland Park is an urban neighborhood on the rise in Columbus. With about 4,800 residents, Weinland Park is diverse in terms of people who call it home. The neighborhood features a lot of greenspace which gives it a charming view for visitors and residents. Host to the Weinland Park Elementary School and the new Schoenbaum Family Center, the neighborhood is ideal for families to reside in. There are several neighborhood committees working to strengthen the area like the Beautification Committee and Safety & Mobility Committee, just to name a couple.

Exploring Weinland Park as a potential place to call home is ideal for students of The Ohio State University, or those who work near the area—visit Metro-Rentals to explore.

Weinland Park’s history dates back some 90 years ago—founded by the need for a streetcar community, the area thrived because of the railroad that borders the east end of the district. Edgar Weinland, a city councilman in the 1920’s gets the naming credit for the area, including its elementary school. As most neighborhoods did, Weinland Park began experiencing decline over the last 40 years; now, however, with the Weinland Park Community Civic Association working hard, the area is back on the rise. To learn more about the Weinland Park Community Civic Association and the neighborhood visit the following link.


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