Urban Parking

In order to create a balance of available parking throughout the day for residents, those who work, and those who are visiting Columbus, the city has developed a set of laws and regulations. With so many places to visit with restrictive parking, it is important to make yourself comfortable and aware of the rules. Here you will learn the basics, from permits to citations, and how to navigate your day in terms of parking.

Parking Permits

What do I need to know about parking permits?

Parking permits are required in some residential and mixed-use neighborhoods. It is important to know how permit parking works in the city. Different permits pertain to different areas.

How do I know which permit I need in my neighborhood?

Visit this link for a map provided by the city of Columbus to determine which parking pass pertains to your neighborhood.

I’ve determined which permit I need; now how do I get it?

To acquire a parking permit you must apply in person at the Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) located at 2700 Impound Lot Rd. The bureau is open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Some parking areas are eligible for online registration.

What do I need to bring to apply?

To apply for your permit make sure to bring the following items to the PVB

    Current Vehicle Registration AND
    Valid Government-issued photo ID AND
    Proof of Residency (utility bill dated within the past 30 days or current lease)
    Resident Application (visit this link to locate the application that you will need)

Parking Meters

How do I know how long I can park at a parking meter?

Look for the signs around the meter. They will clearly depict the times and days in which you can park, and for how long.

I have no change on me; can I still park at a meter?

Yes, meters now accept debit and credit cards in addition to coins. You can also use the ParkColumbus mobile payment app - learn more

What are the parking rates at the meters?

Parking durations, rates, and times vary according to location. Meter durations range from 30 minutes to 12 hours, depending on parking demand. Rates also vary and are predetermined according to parking analysis performed before and after meter placement.

It’s a holiday; do I still have to pay?

You are only exempt from paying for parking on the following holidays:

    New Year’s Day
    Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday
    President’s Day
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day
    Labor Day
    Veteran's Day
    Thanksgiving Day
    Christmas Day

Parking regulations return to normal on all other days.

Parking Lots

Can I park in any parking lot?

Not necessarily. Some parking lots are reserved for monthly parkers, or a specific business. Make sure to read the signs posted at the lot for specific rules and to determine if you can park there.

How do I pay for parking in a lot?

Some lots are privately owned and will have a pay box on site. Make sure to note the number spot that you are parked in and pay immediately upon parking. Other lots offer you a ticket that will instruct you to pay upon exiting the lot. Make sure to read the signs posted at all lots for accepted methods of payment (debit, credit, cast, etc.) prior to parking.

Parking Tickets

I received a parking ticket, how can I pay it?

In Person
You can pay for your ticket in person at the Parking Violations Bureau (2700 Impound Lot Rd).

By Phone
Call 844-565-1295 and follow the voice prompts. Have your credit card and parking ticket number ready.

By Mail
You can mail a check or money order made payable to the Columbus City Treasurer to pay for your ticket. No cash payments by mail will be accepted. Mail appropriate payments to:

City of Columbus
Division of Parking Services
2700 Impound Lot Rd.
Columbus, OH 43207

The city offers a very convenient way to pay online. Visit this link to pay for your ticket.

Please note that failure to pay for your ticket by the due date will inflate the fine.

I don’t agree with the ticket that was issued to me. What can I do?

If you wish to contest a ticket visit the following link for information as to how you can do so.


My car isn’t where I left it. I believe I’ve been towed.

If you believe that you’ve been towed it is important to look for the nearest sign to figure out if you’ve been towed from a private lot or by the city. If you were towed from a private lot, the sign should list which towing service the owner uses and a phone number to call. If the city towed your vehicle, no matter the towing service used, your car has been taken to the city lot located at 2700 Impound Lot Rd.

If you have followed the above steps and it does not seem that your vehicle was towed, notify the police immediately.

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